About Us

Hello! I’m Charlotte, first time Mum to Baby Summer, creator and co-owner with my husband, Mike. Our baby girl was born at the start of June this year and we are loving this new chapter in our lives.

Your Perfect Newborn was created out of my personal struggle to find a local Newborn Photographer. I wanted to compare a range of styles and prices whilst searching a specific location but it wasn’t as straight forward as I had imagined. There are lots of quality maternity and Newborn photographers available but no easy way to browse them together. With a growing list of things to do and prepare before the big arrival of my baby I thought surely I wasn’t the only one wanting to make finding a photographer easier And so YourPerfectNewborn was well… born!

Our small team has a background in digital design and marketing with not only experience of being parents but also the expertise to help small businesses grow.

Our aim is to bring together a community of quality professional Newborn Photographers and shout about how awesome they are through our stylish, easy to use website, monthly Photography Awards and across our social media platforms. We aim to provide mums-to-be with everything they need to know about Newborn Photography whilst connecting them with the right photographer for when their little one arrives.

About Photographers on our site

Any newborn photographer who wants to join our directory can, we will review profiles and their quality of images uploaded however we cannot guarantee or asses safety. We encourage safety training for newborn photographers and wish every parent to be aware of child safety during a baby photoshoot.

There are no regulations or formal qualifications within this industry, so it is important to beware of child safety, ensuring you raise this with your photographer who may have had some formal training or attended a workshop.

Check out our article on questions to ask a newborn photographer with regards to safety.

Please ensure you are happy and do ask and question your photographer about safety, if you are not happy or unsure at any stage then you should stop the photoshoot straight away.