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How do I book a photographer?

Use our photographer finder and browse styles that you like that are close to you. Once found the booking is made via the photographer, using the contact form on their profile you can get in touch to check availability and price.

How soon should I book?

You ideally want to take photos of your newborn when they are 1-2 weeks old, therefore this is just a small window to have a newborn shoot, photographers could be booked up on these weeks and therefore it is a good idea to book as soon as possible, once you know your due date you can then look to book a newborn photographer.

How long do the photo sessions last?

The photo shoot with your newborn could take anywhere between 1-4 hours, it depends on your photography package and your photographer, this will vary so speak to your photographer about how long you need.

Do I need to take any props or blankets along?

Your photographer will have all the props and blankets needed, however if you have a cute outfit or their favourite toy then take those along too.

Will my baby be safe?

Safety is critical, and professional photographers should have had training on how to hold, and support your child when taking newborn shots in set poses and positions. This industry is unregulated, and therefore it is important to ask your photographer about safety and training they have had.  If at all at any point during your shoot you feel uncomfortable about he safety of your child or the positions they are being put into, then just ask your photographer to stop or to not do that position.

On each of the photographers profile under ‘about’ they can enter details regarding safety and any training they have taken.

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How Do I Know When I Have An Enquiry?

Once you get an enquiry we will send you an email with all this information. Please check your spam folder and also ensure our email address is saved as a favourite.

How Do I Get The Most From My Profile?

First off ensure it is all up-to-date and correct.

Photos – The most important thing of course are your photos, uploading high quality photos is crucial to impressing couples looking for a photographer.

Price – Parents to be want to know if you are likely to be within their budget, so upload a realistic starting price for your photography services.

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

Please read our terms and conditions here – https://yourperfectnewborn.com/terms-conditions/

How Can I Get In Touch?

Want to get in touch? You can contact us by completing our contact form here.