What’s in My Hospital Bag

What’s in My Hospital Bag

There are so many posts about what to pack in your hospital bag, it’s all a bit overwhelming but when I started printing some off I quickly realised they were either American not making them as relevant or they just didn’t seem to include everything, like should I take different size sleepsuits?

I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, most things are packed in our bags apart from last minute everyday items I am using and they are sat eagerly awaiting our journey in the front porch. I’m a first time mum so basically I’m taking everything because I want to be prepared.

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Some people believe the contents depends on your birth plan, well my birth wish list (I don’t want a set plan- anything could happen!) is to go to a nearby birth centre run by midwives for a natural delivery and to stay for a couple of days to establish breastfeeding.

Now I am keeping open minded, anything could happen and I believe if I have to stay in a hospital instead and for a longer timescale my packing should be sufficient also. So hopefully whatever your birth wish this hospital bag checklist should have you covered.

Here is my comprehensive list of what I have realistically packed, there is also a link below for a printable quick check-list:

For Baby

I am using the nappy bag which came with our silver cross travel system to keep all of the items baby will need separately. I thought having a suitcase with snacks, my clothes & baby sleepsuits all together could end in disaster and this would make it easier for Mike to pull necessary items out.

Hospital bag checklist

  1. Cotton wool pads
  2. Waterwipes (this is a bit of a controversial one, our health visitor recommends wipes of no kind are used for the first few weeks however we have friends who have used them from birth and told us they were a necessity to clean up baby poop as cotton wool pads just wouldn’t have done the job and they were absolutely fine on their sensitive skin- so I am taking them with me just in case)
  3. Nappies. I have 2 sizes and brands I will be taking with us, a pack of 24 Asda’s Little Angels size O and a handful of Pampers size 1 in case she is slightly bigger.
  4.  Nappy cream (Again the health visitor does not recommend but I have packed just in case and it does say suitable from birth)
  5. Muslins x3. To clean up sick etc. We got the packs of 3 from primark, they have washed really well and I’m happy with them considering the price compared to others.
  6. Waterproof changing pad liner. So I ordered a pack of 3 from Amazon and I thought it would be helpful to have one in the bag.
  7. Swaddle blankets x2. I have a lightweight muslin type swaddle and a slightly thicker option both from the White Company. The chick one comes with a matching hat- so cute!
  8. Car seat blanket. I have a pink cellular blanket I picked up from Asda one day ready on top of our car seat.
  9. Bibs x 4
  10. Hats x 3
  11. Scratch mits x 2
  12. Socks x 3
  13. Bodysuits x 5. I have packed 3 primark plain white vests newborn size and 2 which are tiny.
  14. Sleepsuits x 4. I have packed 2 Asda newborn plain white, 1 newborn rabbit design & one which is smaller.
  15. Cardigan. We bought together the cutest pink cardi from Mamas & Papas to take her home in.
  16. Going home outfit. So I have 2 options depending on the weather. You would think by June we should have some nice sunshine but it could be raining and we could come home later in the evening. There is a sleepsuit and long sleeve bodysuit from Mothercare, it was the first item of clothing we bought for our baby after our first scan or I have packed some beautiful leggings & a matching hat handmade from my friend at LittleSumThing which could be worn with one of the bodysuits & the cardi.
  17. Teddy’s. I’m taking 2 teddy’s which have been gifted to our little girl. A rabbit from her Aunty and a monkey from her grandparents.
  18. Dirty clothes bag. Just a couple of Tesco bags to bring the washing home in.

For Mum-to-be

I decided to put all of my personal bits in my weekend bag, again to keep them separate from any extras like food etc.

  1. Large primark t-shirt to give birth in
  2. Bikini top. I’m just taking one of my old ones in case I would like to go in the birthing pool during labour.
  3. Lightweight dressing gown. I have a beautiful patterned gown which I wore as a bridesmaid for my sister. It’s not for birth but more for afterwards when I want to walk around and feel more myself.
  4. Bed shirt x2. Primark items to make me feel comfortable afterwards, I’ve gone a couple of sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size & I thought they would be practical when breastfeeding having buttons at the front.
  5. Cheap large primark dark pants x5
  6. H&M nursing bras x2
  7. Asda nursing vests x2
  8. Socks x2
  9. Going home outfits. I really don’t know what I will be most comfortable in and what the weather will be like so I have several choices; maternity leggings & denim shirt, black maxi dress, maternity summer dress & a maternity shirt dress
  10. Flip flops
  11. Dark large towel & flannel


  1. Tommee Tippee Breast pads & Tesco maternity pads
  2. Toothbrush x2 (1 for my husband) & toothpaste
  3. Hairbrush, hair bobbles & clips
  4. Body wash & mini shampoo/conditioner
  5. un-scented deodorant
  6. Face wipes & face moisturiser
  7. Hand cream
  8. Mama Mio multi-purpose balm (great on lips), facial spritz, tummy rub butter & nipple balm. My sister bought me these for Xmas & the products are amazing! I love the fresh smell & the tummy butter takes away the stretching itchy feeling straight away. I started using the nipple balm a couple of weeks ago and it will be very practical when baby girl is here as it doesn’t need to be removed before breastfeeding.
  9. My expert midwife Spritz for bits. I’ve read so many good reviews about this product I thought I must have some for my postnatal care.
  10. Small mirror

I’m actually not taking any makeup, since being on maternity leave I am embracing the natural look and will be quite comfortable wearing just some moisturiser but of course if it’s important to you, don’t forget to take it!

The Extras

So we have a small suitcase for other items & for my husband to eventually pack a few bits in.

  1. Hospital notes
  2. Camera & charger
  3. Video camera & charger. Not for the birth but for the days afterwards incase we have to stay in hospital. My Grandad bought his camera into the hospital the day after my siblings were born (over 25 years ago) and the footage is personal & very special to us all, I want to be able to capture some of those precious moments if possible.
  4. Mike’s laptop
  5. Phone charger & headphones
  6. Notepad
  7. Food- we may have gone a bit overboard and packed lots of snacks but I know Mike will be a lot more helpful if he’s stomach isn’t empty! and I wasn’t sure what I would fancy. So I have a few cans of coke, protein bars, biscuits, boiled sweets for labour then pot noodle type meals & crisps for the days afterwards. There is a small kitchen in the birthing centre which we have been told we are welcome to use.
  8. Cash for parking
  9. Mike will add a couple of t-shirts, joggers & underwear for himself- he will probably be rushing around doing this as we need to leave!

And then there’s the car seat, we have the base in place in the car & the seat is all ready at the front door to take with us. Maybe I am a bit of an over packer but personally I would rather be prepared then have something missing and from my research and others opinions this is the list I feel comfortable with.

All we need now is for baby to arrive so we can use our bags!

Click here to Download Free printable hospital bag checklist PDF


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