Inspiration for your Newborn Photos

Inspiration for your Newborn Photos

Congratulations, the pitter patter of tiny footsteps is an exciting, tiring and special time in your life as a new parent. In your initial sleep-deprived haze, days merge into each other and before you know it your baby has become a toddler and you’re left wondering how has time passed you by so quickly!

How to choose your baby photography style

For this very reason, capturing the glorious early days with professional baby photos keeps your precious memories immortalised forever, whether you splash them across your social platforms, create a luxurious keepsake album or display them in frames around your home there is no doubt Newborn Photography is truly irreplaceable.

When considering your Newborn’s photo session and ideally prior to finding your Newborn Photographer it’s important to do your research, we discuss areas to look at and where to look for useful inspiration.

Will I need a professional?

Sure, we all have smartphones these days with amazing capabilities and tools for retouching. This makes it easy to capture magical moments and share them with friends instantly.

But the art of creating a professional photo, with all the necessary newborn photography props is an art form in itself. There’s much more to it than just having a cute baby; although that too helps!

You’re going to need a keen eye for detail, the ability to shoot without studio lighting, tools for editing and retouching on your laptop, the capability to shoot in high enough resolution for a good-quality print out and importantly the safety standards to work with the most delicate & precious subject, your cherished baby.

Which is why Your Perfect Newborn alongside many parents recommend a qualified professional Newborn photographer.

Inspiration for your photo session

Prior to choosing your photographer and to gain an understanding of your desired style, it’s important to compile a list of ideal images you would like to achieve with your very own Newborn. Researching your favourite looks can be sourced from a variety of sources, here’s just a few we suggest;


Pinterest is a great tool for gathering ideas and saving them in one easy-to-access destination. These can also be followed by your photographer, or they might have their own list of images to view.

This platform is particularly helpful if you’re looking for a certain theme; perhaps festive photo shoots, inspiration from film, or black and white photography – as it will give you an idea of the newborn photography props needed.


Social media lovers will tell you that Instagram is a great source for finding inspiring images and the latest trends in baby photography. Try using some of the popular hashtags to see examples of other newborn baby photographs, such as: #newbornbaby #newbornposing #newbornphotography #newbornwrapping and #babyphotoshoot.

If you don’t have the time to trawl through thousands of images, then follow your favourite people and photographers for ideas. Take screengrabs of images that impress you the most, noting any particularly themes, clothing, colours or newborn photography props that are used.

It’s worth sending these to your photographer weeks in advance of your shoot, if possible, to give them time to source any props or costumes that they might need.

Photography Awards

Viewing Award winning Newborn Photography ensures you are seeing the best of the best and themed photography awards can really help to narrow down your preferred style and direction for your session.

From Props Galore! to Family bonds, Your Perfect Newborn displays inspirational collections from highly talented photographers specialising in Newborn sessions.

Print & Digital Blogs

From Mother & Baby magazine’s to online blog’s, there’s no end of print and online resources that feature strong imagery on babies. Cut out and keep, compile a scrap book, or simply take a photo; all of this collateral will help build up an image of what you’re trying to achieve.

Different Themes

You don’t necessarily need to have a theme for your baby photos, and many parents opt to have simple yet stylish photos that will last a lifetime. These require little props but blankets or simple outfits to add tone and textures.

However, some parents like to mix it up with a couple of cute creative images, that are always fun to share, as well as to look back on. For these you’ll need a couple of newborn photography props, a creative photographer, plenty of patience, and a good sense of humour!

Here’s a couple of themes for inspiration:


If your baby was born during a memorable time of year, there’s a natural opportunity to dress them up accordingly. For instance, a baby elf or Santa during Christmas, a little bunny during Easter, or our personal favourite – a pumpkin during thanksgiving and Halloween!

You will notice that newborn photography props are best keep to a minimal, not to detract from the image. In some cases, your baby doesn’t even need to dress up, just a subtle soft toy or little prop will bring the story to life. 

This is why using a creative newborn photographer pays off, as they know how to balance your photo without losing the essence of it.


Sometimes parents have a memorable or favourite film that they want to pay homage to. From Star Wars to Toy Story, babies double up as brilliant baby Yodas and mini Woody’s! If there’s a film dear to you or your family, then this could be the basis for your theme too!


Always a favourite with new parents, Winnie the Pooh theme clothes, Hungry Caterpillar outfits, and Superhero costumes are ever-popular in baby photography circles! There’s something undeniably entertaining and adorable about your newborn imitating everyone’s favourite cartoon character. You also don’t have to look far; these costumes can be found in high-street shops, from H&M to Mothercare, as well as Tesco and Sainbsurys.


And finally, a universally entertaining theme – food!

When it comes to newborn baby props, there’s nothing cuter/funnier than dressing your darling babe up as a little; hot dog, banana, taco, hamburger or bottle of milk. This is a trend we’re seeing more of in recent years, with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen sharing their fun baby photos online.

Older babies shouldn’t miss out either, the infamous ‘cake smashing’ photo is a whole load of mess, fun, sorry we mean fun!

For more inspiration, or to book a professional newborn baby photographer in your area, click here.

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