How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session

How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session

Your Newborn photographer has been booked for about 6 months and the time has nearly come to attend your session with your little bundle of joy. To ensure everything runs smoothly these are our top tips on preparing for your Newborns photoshoot.

Tips For A Successful Newborn Session

It is always good to contact your photographer in the month on the run up to your due date to confirm the finer details. Hopefully upon booking your photographer you discussed; safety, location, prices and packages plus the style of photographs you would like but nearer the date it is best to re-iterate your preferences.

In terms of style, send across some of your preferred images to your photographer to refresh their memory on what you like. Remember these are your pictures to treasure so make sure you are outlining clearly what you expect.

For style inspiration visit our pinterest boards to find a mixture of preferences from props galore and floral Newborns to simple and stylish. Usually sessions include 2-6 set ups, each set-up could involve different props or outfits. Most photographers will have a range of props available but it always useful that they have an idea of what you are thinking.

newborn photography inspiration

With props in mind, are there any personal items you would like to take to the shoot? A special teddy, Grannys blanket or a bespoke outfit could make the images more personal to you. If so, I advise you keep these in a place that will make you remember to take them with you to the session because when baby arrives there are like a hundred things you have to take with you when leaving the house!

It is also good to consider at this point what you are actually going to do with the photographs because just storing them on your laptop is not using them to their full potential. The possibilities are endless; print them, fame them, create photobooks or even make cards with them for family. Some photographers may have packages including prints which will help you decide how to use the pictures.

For example if you have in mind you want a large monochrome print to go in your living room to match the décor of your house, make sure this is translated to your photographer.

When Baby Arrives

Congratulations your Newborn is here! Sleepless nights, countless visitors, trying to establish feeding patterns and generally getting to know your new family member is exhausting. Make sure you write on your to do list in those first few days to notify your photographer of babies arrival to allow them to schedule your session whilst they are still so tiny and sleepy. At this point its worth confirming you have the correct location, its hard enough travelling with a Newborn but arriving at the wrong place would not be enjoyable for anyone.

Nobody can accurately guess what your baby will weigh when they are born or what clothes will fit them. If you have a special outfit in mind for the shoot just make sure the fit is correct before the actual day of your session.

The day before

Pack all the essentials you will need for your outing. If you book your Newborn shoot in the first few days after your baby has been born then this could be one of the first times venturing out of the house which can be very daunting.

During the shoot your baby will probably get more hungry than usual, if you are bottle feeding its always best to take extra. Remember to pack lots of nappies and your changing mat. Lots of muslins and wet wipes to clean up those messy moments is a must. As always a change of clothes just incase.

Your newborns photoshoot can also be a very relaxing time for parents when they arrive. A professional photographers studio is often a very calm, relaxing environment allowing babies to fully relax into their sleepy state. Whilst the photographer is working their magic use the time wisely, sit back relax and take a breather.

Make sure you pack some high energy snacks to keep you going and especially if you are breastfeeding, bottles of water so you don’t get dehydrated.

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On the day

Leave plenty of time to get ready, leaving the house with a Newborn is a mission upon itself. Hopefully you have everything packed & you are ready to go but there is always that last minute feed, nappy change or change of outfit due to a sick explosion.

It’s hard work trying to remember everything and especially if this is your first baby the term ‘winging it’ is very relatable right now. Once you are at your session try to take it all in, they won’t be tiny for very long and the experience should be enjoyable for your little family unit.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much preparation you put in, the best photographs will be the ones that take you off guard, the ones which capture that beautiful expression of your little one.

Good luck and I hope your Newborn Photographs are everything you dreamt them to be.

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