Props and Ideas for Newborn Photography

Props and Ideas for Newborn Photography

A newborn is an amazing entity to a family and everyone wants to capture those first moments. They offer memorable moments that are to die for. However, you will need to make it special. How best to do this than to include something to bring out the best of your newborn features.

Newborn Photography Props and Ideas

It is not always about the quality of your camera or the expertise of the photographer. Some creativity will come in handy in creating the best photos. The following are some newborn photography props and ideas to create the best of that moment.

Headgear: Hats, Bows, and Headbands

Try the use of headgear as props. Think about cute bows and beaded headbands for girls and knitted or patterned hats for boys to add some texture to your images. Consider the colour carefully, the head piece could match the background and the rest of the fabrics or alternatively the colour could contrast with the aim to focus on the upper region.

Wrapping Gear: Wraps, Blankets etc

Wrapping gear come in handy as props if you are looking to add some colour into the photo. They are also ideal for camouflaging anything you do not want as part of the photograph. For example, in case he or she has a heat rash, you can use a blanket and cover the specific area. In addition, covering their private parts is even easier.

Going for a blanket with lots of texture, fluffy and soft will create a completely different look compared to a modern woven fabric. Think about what you want to stand out from the photo, for example a striking headband, colourful teddy and multi-textured blanket may be a step too far, blankets can add a relaxing backdrop or create an intricate visual.

Baskets, Buckets, Boxes, and Bowls

These props are not only cute but they are also easily available. Depending on how creative you are, you can improvise. For example, you can choose to dress the basket with the newborns blanket. You may wrap him or her in the blanket or leave them placed on top. You can play around with how to use these types of props. Something as simple as a crate or a bathroom basin can be really effective. Pamper it with decorative pieces and fabrics to create an illusion that suits what you need.


Hammocks provide an interesting angle to photography. The suspension is outstanding and it does not limit the different angles you can approach. You can play around with the colour choice and fabric of the hammock. However, it is important that you ensure that it is firm and well balanced, for the safety of the newborn.

Stork Sacks

Stork sacks function similarly to hammocks and the most important part is to ensure the safety of the baby. Also, ensure that the parent is always close by. A hanging stork sack comes around from the theory that babies are delivered by stork birds. It recreates the joy of having the newborn. Also, you can play around with colour and fabric texture to bring out more complex pictures.

Stuffed Animals and Toys

Newborn Photography Props and Ideas

Stuffed animals and other toys are amazing prop ideas when working with babies, especially newborns.They will have a grip of the toy that will give that warm and fuzzy feeling to just about anyone. In addition, you can pick from a variety of animals (bears, rabbits, koalas, pandas, etc) making the image more personal.

The toy could even be a family heirloom allowing the parents to tell the story with everyone that sees the photograph. Just remember that the focus is on your newborn and not the animal, making proportional sizes and colours very important.

Foliage and Flowers

A full wreath of green foliage surrounding your newborn swaddled in white creates a beautifully pure image. The natural forms of the green leaves are the perfect prop for your new little one.

To add a pop of colour think about using flowers, think creatively about how they will compliment your newborn. A floral halo surrounding the wicker basket your baby lies in can add a dramatic finish. Whereas a suitably placed selection of peonies can add just a touch of beauty.

Superhero Concepts

Parents looking to relive some historic aspects of their superheroes have the chance to do so with their newborn. Characters such as Superman, Batman, or Wonder woman are common superhero concepts parents use. Whichever one you use, you will know which colours to use. Get the memory of your superhero baby in style. Superhero figures are creatively designed so you do not have to go out of your way to alter many aspects.

Movie Newborn Photo Props

Movie props are all about reliving a movie scene through your baby. While many may not consider this concept with the argument that, the scene may not be memorable. This type of prop is recommended for movie enthusiasts. For example, if you have a favourite movie that you as a couple always love, then you can employ this idea. The photo will have an in-depth meaning to the both of you anytime you look at it.

Holiday Photo Ideas

This concept is ideal for babies who are born during some specific holidays such as Easter or Christmas. You can play dress up with such holidays with your newborn. Recreate Father Christmas or the Easter bunny. It will always remind you why the holidays are special and it is not because they are recognized internationally.


We all know that a newborn may not really use your furniture at their age. However, you can always incorporate furniture to create that “pop” when looking to meet creativity. Do not go for the obvious such as your baby sleeping in his or her cot. Looking around your home, a photographer can always use the already existing furniture. For example, take a nude photo of your newborn on a beanbag. Incorporate fun painted furniture such as spray-painting a seat to match the decor of the rest of the caption.

Newborn Photography Props on Pinterest

Newborn photography props and ideas will vary widely and depending on the available resources and your creativity, you will have high-quality photos to capture the most important memories for every parent. It is not always about clarity but about standing out. Go ahead and try out the above props and ideas. Depending on what you need, you will be able to point out the best. Also, you can always create variations of the same or even combine different ideas to bring out the very best of what you want.

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