What to Expect from your Newborn Photography Session

What to Expect from your Newborn Photography Session

If your newborn is here or you are looking to book a newborn photographer to capture those priceless first weeks of your baby then here is what you can expect from your newborn photography photoshoot.

Most parents have embraced the habit of taking photographs of their newborn babies probably immediately after delivery or a short period after they leave the maternity. It feels wonderful capturing the greatest moments of the early days of your newborn baby. Taking photos of a newborn baby is a tough task as compared to photographing an adult. While an adult is capable of responding to instructions, a newborn baby is not in a position to heed to the photographer’s guidelines which may include changing of the posture.

All About Your Newborn Session

In most cases, the parents of the baby are always present during the Newborn Photography session, and they can assist the photographer in making the baby calm and helping dress them.

Most parents who may have never been involved in the photography of their newborns might feel anxious, and as a first-time parent, you may find the activities in the session strange, this is normal however just going with the it and enjoying it is the best way.

When is the best time for photography?

In most cases, the newborn baby shoot would be done 1-2 weeks after birth, therefore it is important to book your photographer as soon as possible that that they can fit you in over that time frame.

In some cases, the photographs are taken immediately after the childbirth while the parent is still in the maternity. It happens when you want to capture those moments after delivery.

What to wear for a Newborn Photography session?

There is no right or wrong outfit, the baby can be dress how you wish, or can be changed into other outfits depending on the style of photos you are having taken. For the photos your photographer is likely to change your babies outfit a number of times, and maybe change the color scheme, however this is really dependant on the type of photos you want and the photographers style you have hired.

How long does a photography session take?

First you want to book your photographer as soon as possible. He or she gives you detailed information on the requirements of the photography shoot and what is needed from you.

Before the start of the session, you are expected to help keep the infant awake most of the hours, most preferably the morning of the session day, to ensure that the baby is asleep and calm during the photo taking process. Breastfeeding the baby is also essential because a hungry baby will certainly let you know about it with quite a bit of crying.

Most photography sessions will take around two to three hours depending on several factors influenced by the number of photos and outfit changes, as well as the photographers time and package booked. The session may last longer as well if you want numerous photos of the baby taken.

What other expectations should I have?

The photography process does not end there, after the session since the photographer has to sort the photos out. You may select your favourite shots and then these will be edited by the photographer. You may go back to see your photos or they will be emailed to you, depending on your choice and package photos maybe printed for you or an album created.

Baby photographers will have a warm coat studio set up designed specifically for newborn shoots, there will be changing facility, a relaxed and fun atmosphere with everything you needed, from outfits, props and cozy blankets.

It is important to relax and enjoy it, have fun with your newborn so you both feel relaxed.

Your photographer

Hiring a professional newborn photographer ensures they have the kit and tools needed, however more importantly they are experienced with handling newborns, know how to position them while ensuring no harm, they will be able to get those cute shots quickly without upsetting your newborn.

Even though the process may feel strange at first, you will start feeling comfortable and enjoy the cute photos taken.

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