What is a Newborn Composite Photo?

What is a Newborn Composite Photo?

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If you have browsed through Newborn photography previously odds are you would have definitely come across a high number of Composite photos. The trendy images which display a baby resting their head on their hands (the froggy pose) or include a cute baby girl delicately placed on a hammock well these are composite photographs.

Newborn Composite Photography

A composite photograph is comprised of 2 or more images which have been fused together digitally. Usually on a programme such as Photoshop images would be layered on top of each other then edited to create the desired look.

Why are Composite photos created in Newborn photoshoots?

The main reason composite photos are created when photographing Newborns is for safety. Many cute baby poses which you will see across Pinterest or in professional photographers portfolios are not naturally held by the newborn. For example the froggy pose which looks super cute and makes incredible images requires supporting hands.

A newborn baby does not have the ability to hold the weight of their own head in this position so the photographer will usually ask parents or a qualified assistant to support the head with their hands. The hands can then be digitally removed from the photograph. A further photo could be taken to ensure the babies hands are in the correct position and then overlaid onto the original image. Poses like this require an experienced photographer who ensures the safety of your baby is at the forefront of their mind. It’s worth remembering that if you would like a selection of complex poses from your photoshoot that you would be required to help hold your baby in comfortable positions during the shoot.

The other style of Newborn Composite Photographs which are popular at the moment involve digital art backgrounds. For example the cute images of; babies swinging on hammocks, lying on floral wreaths or even situated in a jungle would more than likely have been created using a background previously photographed or created. The image of your baby will then be edited into the background making it look as natural as possible. With this in mind, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you would like a real ‘Wow’ photo with your baby lying on a tiger or in the mouth of an alligator.

Should I request Composite Photos?

Composite photographs essentially make the impossible possible. Your baby can not hold its own head up with its hands when only a few days old and there is no way you would want them suspended on a hammock without support. Therefore if you like this style of photography then composite photography is required. It is not something you would need to request but it’s useful for you to understand how the images are achieved.

Once you begin discussing the style you require with your chosen professional Newborn Photographer they will understand the best and safest way to take the photos. Rest assured they are the experts. With that being said, it is very important you choose the correct Newborn photographer for your requirements. Make sure you have a good look through their portfolio, if the majority of their images are simple and minimalistic they probably are not the best choice if you are wanting extravagant background composite images as they would not have the best experience.

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