Why Photography Matters

Why Photography Matters

For part of our Behind the Lens blog series Georgina Street, Life is Beautiful Photography puts into her own words ‘why we take photographs’.

Georgina is a Professional Maternity, Newborn and Portrait Photographer based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Established back in 2012, she strives to provide a unique and custom experience from start to finish.

It’s easy, pick up your phone or camera

Click – Done! Copy – share.

The earliest photographs meant lugging about huge wooden boxes, glass plates, then shoe box size cameras, containing reels of plastic inside (called film). All this now, in the palm of your hand, a millisecond of digital technology – Brilliant result! But why take photos? Because photography has become for everyone, opportunistic!

The result? Hundreds of images – us through Facebook, Instagram to TV and Magazines, almost a throwback to Egyptian Hieroglyphics when pictures alone told the story! Now we document our lives almost every single day with photos because it’s ‘technically easy’! The big question however, is ‘Why’?

We create selfies, we photograph our food, our dogs, cats, “something funny” plus piles and piles of just stuff……Then post it all on social media or just keep it! Why? Because we want to keep and record our memories, almost day to day!

Professional Photography started around 1820 with the first commercial photographs appearing in 1869. That’s nearly 200 years capturing life and events that would otherwise have been lost. Photography has such a big impact on our lives, more so now that everything is ‘instant’.

But we tend not to discard ‘photos’ – How many photos on your phone? Is there a box in the loft full?

We hold these images, memories, as they slip down the generations, gently passing through time to back to today! Photography isn’t just about pretty pictures, or the latest props. Photography is a gift, from now for the future. We find comfort in photographs; we reminisce on past times, find ourselves lost in ‘captured ‘memories.

This is why I value photography and, why I have dedicated my career to documenting and capturing life. To see the past from the future – a moment – captured in time forever!

This, dear reader, this is why I do what I do, and why I have so much passion for photography. It’s my vocation to provide you with moments that you, your grandchildren and their grandchildren can one day look back on and treasure.

Build your family legacy and pass on the family story to future generations, in a beautiful way. Photographs go hand in hand with memories. Start now, book a Professional Photographer at least once, to capture your memories. Even though it is so easy to take photos these days, the experience of having your portrait taken by a professional is truly life changing.

I photograph you, your children, your pets. I photograph your memories, your laughter, your souls, I photograph your unique, legacy.

Georgina Street, Life is Beautiful Photography

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