5 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

5 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

If you’re a new parent to be I’m sure you have an endless list of what you need for when your Newborn arrives from cots, to clothes and countless nappies but have you added booking a Newborn Photographer?

We discuss why booking a Newborn Photographer should be at the top of your list with personal comments from professional family photographers. Documenting this special moment in time will create irreplaceable images that you will treasure forever.

The importance of booking a Newborn Photographer

Capture the Moment

Babies only stay tiny for a very short period of time and within a blink of eye they are a few months old babbling away, making it difficult to remember just how cute their small little hands and feet were. Newborn photoshoots usually take place within the first two weeks in babies initial sleepy stage to capture all those dinky features.

Celebrate becoming a Family

Newborn photographers are trained not only to capture the beauty of your new arrival but also the bond between the three of you as a family. When your little one arrives your life will change as you know it, at the beginning the time on the clock will have very little relevance as days will flow together, constant feeding and changing nappies become routine and you will be in awe at what you have both created, this is the perfect time to document these memories.

Photo by Sophie Wheeler Photography

Let’s be honest, Mum’s you will have grown a little human for 9 months and however your birth goes, days or weeks afterwards you will not be looking your best but in time to come those black bags under your eyes and un brushed hair will be a cute reminder of those first few days as your parenthood journey began.

Specialist Skills

Without stating the obvious a Photographer will know how to utilise the best lighting and complex camera features to produce quality images much better than a quick snapshot on your I-phone. However a professional Newborn Photographer’s skills do not just lie with their camera or editing skills in fact their highlight is how they can pose and relax your Newborn.

Many Newborn Photographers can be known as baby whisperers because they know how to relax a baby into a sleepy state for that perfect image, their safety training will allow them to manoeuvre your little one into positions which will not only look visually appealing but also most importantly be comfortable for your baby.

There are many Newborn poses which you may see across Pinterest which should not be attempted by parents due to them not having the expertise or specialist props to make them safe. Some images you see may be Composite Photographs which are created by merging several photos together, requiring a professionals knowledge.

Newborn Photographers will also usually have an array of outfits, headbands and props to enhance your images.

To Relax

Yes, you read that correctly booking a professional Newborn Photographer can actually give you a moment in time to relax and maybe even enjoy a hot drink, this could be your first and last in a little while! Letting a professional manoeuvre your baby into positions whilst snapping away can be relaxing to watch and shoots will generally take place in a calming environment with hot temperatures and soothing music. A real Mum’s Experience of a Newborn Photoshoot explains how brilliant the process can be.

Enviable Artwork

However you decide to display your photos whether they are framed in your hallway, printed in a gorgeous album or uploaded as your phone background you will have artwork to be proud of. Another way to utilise your images could be as family gifts such as thank you cards.

Photo by Shellie Wall Photography

You will never be able to get back the Newborn phase, investing in a Newborn Photographer is a purchase you will not only be glad of but treasure forever. Nobody knows what is around the corner, when you look at your images time will stand still, love will be in abundance and your precious memories will flood back.

We asked two of our Professional Newborn Photographer members their thoughts on why mum’s to be should book a Newborn Photographer, here’s their personal comments;

Newborns.. that wonderful smell of their soft heads, their flaky skin, how their feet fit in the palm of your hand, these precious moments that go past in the blink of an eye.

Before you know it your baby is reaching new milestones, their first smiles, first words, sitting up, learning to crawl, as they continue to grow. And it’s hard to remember just how tiny those fingers and toes were. We all say that we don’t want our children to grow up so fast, and for this reason it is paramount to book a newborn photographer, to capture those more precious than words can say, irreplaceable early days of your child’s life.

It’s a time that deserves to be captured forever with professional photographs. You will capture hundreds (thousands) of photos on your phone, but none of them will compare to professionally captured newborn portraits.
Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime experience, capturing those teeny tiny fleeting details, it’s an investment that you and your children will cherish forever. -Sophie

The first few weeks of having a Newborn flies by in a whirlwind of sleepless nights, nappy changes, feeds, and an awful lot of love. Your baby is the centre of your world, a world where, before you know it, that tiny new arrival has grown and changed right before your eyes.

Booking a Newborn photographer ensures that you have a stunning gallery of timeless images of when your little one was still teeny and sleepy, and can be safely and beautifully posed by someone with experience and the correct props and equipment. Gorgeous memories to last a lifetime. -Shellie


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